Double Post Pylon.
(16′-1″ – 20 ft. tall)

Area Range: 120 - 160 sq.ft.

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This drawing is applicable for double-post pylons with a maximum overall height range of 16′-1″ – 20′-0″ (4.90 – 6.10m), a maximum sign box width of 14′-0″ (4.27m) and a total area within the range of 120 – 160 sq.ft. (11.15 – 14.86 sq.m.).

The drawing includes the primary steel structural support system and concrete pile foundation information. It also outlines the design parameters and general design notes. The double post design has the option of the posts being installed on each side of the sign box or within the sign box width while maintaining the applicable minimum post centre requirement.

The purchaser must review all drawing information, including the critical information below, for this sign to ensure that this drawing will cover all aspects of the site-specific pylon sign design.

These drawings can only be used at one (1) municipal address for the quantity of signs purchased.

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Additional information

Applicable Municipality

City of Toronto

Maximum Sign Height

20'-0" [6.10 m]

Sign Box Area Range

120 – 160 sq.ft. (11.15 – 14.86 sq.m.)

Maximum Sign Box Width

14'-0" [4.27 m]

Foundation Type

Pile Foundation Only
(No Slab Design Included)

Concrete Pile Diameter

36" [914 mm]

Post Size

8" x 8" HSS Steel Post

Maximum Post Centres

14'-8" [4.47 m]

Minimum Post Centres

7'-0" [2.13 m]

Maximum Sign Box Depth

24" [610 mm]

Maximum Total Sign Box Weight

4800 lbs [2177 kg]